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Impossible End (Unchecked Series #3)

IMPOSSIBLE END (Unchecked Series Book #3)


I stood by my brothers in the Marines and fought for my country. I gave my blood, sweat and flesh so that others could have a taste of freedom.

But my wife wasn't free.

She'd been hunted, stalked and forced by a murderer to keep a secret no one should have to live with. I'd made her a promise. Her freedom, my rules, no questions asked. I thought I'd kept my promise but I made a mistake - an inexcusable mistake.

I was done playing games with the killer who murdered my wife's parents and tracker her for sport. If he thought he was safe in a jail cell, he was wrong. No one puts out a hit on my wife and survives.

This ends now. I will protect what's whatever cost.

*IMPOSSIBLE END is the conclusion to the Unchecked Series. This novella is from Blaze's point-of-view and is not a stand alone. To get Blaze and Layna's full story, please read IMPOSSIBLE PROMISE and IMPOSSIBLE CHOICE.


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