Sybil Bartel: Contemporary Romance Author

Neil (Uncompromising Series #2)

The Uncompromising Series

Ex-Danish Military Special Forces, built like a legend and uncompromising in every way - Neil Christensen didn't walk into my life. He crashed it like a hurricane.

The moment he showed up at my strip club, my life fell to shit. South Florida's most ruthless motorcycle gang, the cops, the Feds - they all want something I don't have, something the Viking took from me.

I thought I could run but the motorcycle gang caught me. Now the only thing standing between me and an unmarked grave is a warrior I don't trust.

I'm not afraid to die, but I am terrified of weathering storm. Because when a Viking decides to unleash his fury, no one is going to come out unscathed.

NEIL is a full-length standalone novel and is the second book in the Uncompromising Series. NEIL contains Alpha heroes, offensive language, violence and sexual situations. It is intended for mature audiences only. 18+


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