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The Alpha Antihero Series

The Alpha Antihero Series is coming in late Summer 2019!


One fucking breath.

That’s all I needed.

Air in my lungs so I could exhale through the pain.

My ribs broken, my face in the mud, one leg useless, I tried and failed to lift my head. Mosquitoes  swarmed, and the sun dropped. I wasn’t gonna die out here. No fucking way. I was Tarquin Stephens, and that was a hard limit. One arm crawl after another, I needed to man up.

I wasn’t dead yet.

But then I heard her voice, angel soft and breathless, and I wondered if I’d been kidding myself. I didn’t have time to figure it out. A small hand landed on my back and I fisted my bloody knife.

I wasn’t gonna die tonight. But someone else was.


*HARD LIMIT is book #1 in the three part Alpha Antihero Series, and it is not a standalone.


The Alpha Antihero Series Book #2


The Alpha Antihero Series Book #3

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