Sybil Bartel: Contemporary Romance Author

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Contemporary Romance Author, Sybil Bartel ~


Check out the exciting new Male Escort Series with THRUST, ROUGH and GRIND!

Three ex Marines, all male escorts, each with a story to tell!

Meet Alex, Jared and Dane!

                   THRUST    ROUGH    GRIND

The Uncompromising Series with TALON and NEIL!

TALON - Talon Talerco's life had been perfect - until it wasn't. Scattering his wife's ashes, walking away from the Marines, he didn't think he had anything left to lose. Until he met her.

TALON, a standalone Romantic Suspense, is book one in the exciting Uncompromising Series!

NEIL - Ex-Danish Military Special Forces, built like a legend and uncompromising in every way - Neil Christensen didn't walk into her life. The Viking sized warrior crashed it like a hurricane.

NEIL, a standalone Romantic Suspense, is book two in the Uncompromising Series!

ANDRÉ - Book Three in the Uncompromising Series is coming in September 2017

                  TALON       NEIL 


IMPOSSIBLE PROMISE - (The Unchecked Series, Book #1) Hunted by a killer, Layna Blair knows trust isn't a mistake she can afford, but the six-foot-four Marine makes her a promise - her freedom, his rules, no questions asked.

IMPOSSIBLE CHOICE - (The Unchecked Series, Book #2) Marine Sergeant Blaze Johnson kept his promise but Layna Blair couldn't escape her past - now that Blaze is wounded, it's up to Layna to save them both.

IMPOSSIBLE END - (The Unchecked Series, Book #3) The exciting conclusion to the Unchecked Series from Blaze's Point-of-View! Only $.99!

NO APOLOGIES - Available Now!

No heart, questionable morals, one hundred percent attitude,Graham Allen is the perfect rocker; nothing can break him - except her.

4.5 Stars Review from RT Book Reviews For No Apologies

“Set aside a few hours to read this one straight through, because once Graham crawls under your skin, he’s going to stay there till the very last page. He’s edgy, dirty — and so hot. Graham’s tension practically vibrates off the page as he considers changing his ways. His methods of self-destruction are emotional, wicked and truthful. Carly’s story is equally painful, and at times these two seriously crush your heart as they try to learn what it means to trust and set the past free.

Graham Allen restores cars and is the moody bass player in a local band, using women for no-strings sex and taking the edge off with the occasional random fight or a fast ride on his Ducati. He doesn’t let anyone get close. Carly, the pretty bartender at Graham’s neighborhood haunt, makes him want to change his own rules. Except she has her own heavy baggage, putting her completely off limits. Everything changes when they decide to take a chance on being friends, and slowly Graham realizes that he doesn’t have to let the past control him any longer — until he makes a startling discovery.”

Reviewed By: Anna Dougherty  - RT Book Reviews

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